Loumi About Loumi

by Johan Olsson, Founder

Our focus as a label and as a studio is to bring the creators intentions truthfully to the listener.
Whilst keeping the creativity high and the economic risk low throughout the process.

When you as a musician or as a listener browse our services, or visit our studio, I hope you feel
that Loumi Records has been created with the musicians point of view in mind.

To develop this system has been a strong obsession of mine for about a decade. Right now musicians can cherry-pick between our in-house solutions and an infrastructure of 37 collaborations spanning every process needed in order to make great productions.

Loumi’s focus on contemporary jazz enables us to fine-tune our methods and practices, including everything from sound and equipment to marketing and economics. Just as in music, by exploring what works now and by defining our limitations, we can go further.
Our fulfilment lies in creating the optimal channel between the modern jazz musician and the listener.


Although Loumi is mainly a contemporary jazz label with studio, we have solutions or contacts to everything even remotely related to music. Just leave us a message and we’ll see what we can do…

If you prefer to call Loumi it’s +46462884858

Where is Loumi Records?