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Loumi About Loumi

by Johan Olsson, Founder

Our focus as a recording studio is to bring the creators intentions truthfully to the listener.
Whilst keeping the creativity high and having an inspiring vibe throughout the session.

Since swimming in money is a quite rare activity among musicians a certain focus has been laid making it possible to have low prices. Of course without limiting quality, because that would be a very stupid thing to do.

When you as a musician or as a listener browse our services, or visit our studio, I hope you feel that Loumi Records has been created with the musician’s point of view in mind.

Loumi’s focus on contemporary jazz enables us to fine-tune our methods and practices. Just as in music, by exploring what works now and by defining our limitations, we can go further.

Contact Us!

    Although Loumi is mainly a contemporary jazz label with studio, we have solutions or contacts to everything even remotely related to music. Just leave us a message and we’ll see what we can do…

    If you prefer to call Loumi it’s +46462884858

    Where is Loumi Records?