Being able to combine a big yet intimate sound, together with fine sensitivity to the fibres of music makes Brodie as much a grounding force on the bass as an independent voice in any ensemble. His music conjures a feeling of concentric shapes, designed for melodic and harmonic explorations, for both the audience and the band members. The well-contoured play between tension and release puts the music in a constant momentum, drawing the listener closer to the music.

As one of the freshest and most driving forces on the Scottish Jazz scene today, Brodie has shown his strengths as a bass player, bandleader and a composer on multiple occasions. Through the years he has worked and recorded with many esteemed musicians including Tommy Smith, The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra, Texas and his own projects (Quintet, Trio, Septet).

Brodie’s compositions can be as an anthem of a Celtic fairyland, two-feet-on-the-ground ideas combined with an equal portion of mystique and intrigue.

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