Cosmic Express Quintet releases their debut album “Våren är Vår” on vinyl on the 13th of October. Ima Baeza Bilgin is the composer and bandleader of the quintet that with powerful melodies and a great sensitivity for improvisation sets the base from which the band can elevate from.

The compositions in “Våren är Vår” search the spot where they can be deeply rooted in an experience, emotion or thought and yet have the space to renew itself through unpredictable interplay. The personal meets the collective and by doing so transforms itself like an active memory.

The emotional dynamics are big. Be it joy, frustration, or melancholy. “Ballad till dem jag älskar” captures the feeling of gratitude for love and being loved, written shortly before a family reunion after being apart. “Disco på tåget” is ‘only’ a happy song with a lot of raw energy. Having the liberating feeling of when music is just music and letting go of constant moralizing for a while. The title tracks “Våren är Vår” and “Our Burning House” are opposite views on the climate crisis, which could be summed up as hopeful and disappointedly angry.

Cosmic Express Quintet’s style and sound were found during a year when all band members were living together in a little village in Sweden, sharing their both personal and musical life.
Except for preparing for the release tour, the band is now exploring new directions to go, seeing a future with an even more open relationship with other genres.

Ima plays with many well-established artists such as Sara Parkman and Moonica Mac, in a wide range of genres, such as Indie-folk Pop and Hip-Hop. These experiences together with close connections to Swedish, Turkish, and Chilean culture give her a colorful background and a unique and open approach to music.

All in all, “Våren är Vår” by Cosmic Express Quintet is a fresh and impactful album, played by five upcoming talents from the Swedish jazz scene.