Die Wolken sind da, wo sie immer sind


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Bene Jäckle, Jakob Obleser, Johannes Mann, Jonas Kaltenbach, Paul Janoschka

Recorded at:

Fattoria Musica in May 2021 Stephan van Wylick

Mastered by:

Klaus Scheuermann

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“Die Wolken sind da wo sie immer sind” is a textural and rhythmical album. Inspired by the jazz classics, the avant-garde in the 60s, the New-Wave music, and Hip-Hop.

The songs were written in a democratic process, only the core idea or framework was brought by one of the band members. This highlights the unique personalities of the quintet and also got the process rooted in doing and experimenting. The album consists of everything from polyrhythmic grooves over steady forms to landscape improvisations.

On songs like “Siblings” or “Get Down” the saxophonist Benedikt Jäckle, guitarist Johannes Mann and pianist Paul Janoschka shows their strengths as soloists. The bassist Jakob Obleser and the drummer Jonas Kaltenbach show their solid and integrated way of interacting in pieces like “Vamp385”, a groovy summer song with surprising turns. The roles of the musicians get changed in songs like “Vale and “Ma Beleza” and new relationships, framings and perspectives occur. “Mein Aerosol ist dein Aerosol” (my aerosol ist your aerosol) is a song about a loving couple during the contact restricted pandemic. “MZB” tells about the joy of being alone, “SKB” is a humorous homage to expensive but filling food in the lounge car. 

Digital Release was the 7th of January and Vinyl release is the 3rd of June 2022



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