Iannis Obiols
Piano, Composition, Voice
Nadav Erlich
Double Bass
Iago Fernandéz

Oscar Latorré
Trumpet on 5 & 11
Franzesca Gaza
Voice on 8

“The title of this album, just like the music, is a tribute to all people who have brought richness to my life, have brought richness to my life, especially the fun and good kind.
This music is (in intent) an amalgamation of my influences, expressed in a traditional acoustic context. It includes efforts in composition, interpretation, arrangement, improvisation with and without a framework, lyric writing, singing and some whistling. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as we did.”
– Iannis Obiols

1. Bajel
2. No Moon At All
3. Desperado
4. Serenor
5. Get Yourself
6. Bolivia
7. Gusano de Agujero
8. Not Enough
9. Peace Vs Nature
10. Manyac
11. Taronja

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