PULL’s identity travels from the solemn tones of a morning reverence and through to seemlingly chaotic, high intensity sounds. Loaded with influences from traditional jazz, chamber music, folk music and indie rock.

The four members of Pull are constantly writing new music for the band and have been touring around Europe for the past two years. In October 2017, They recorded their second album which consists of thirteen new original tunes and is planned to be released 2018.

“Really seems to relish charging from one influence to the next..Sometimes the music has the boisterous enthusiasm of a beer hall anthem and other times the solemn tones of Sunday morning reverence…straight out of the Todd Sickafoose-Chris Lightcap school of indie jazz.”

“…danceable jazz grooves… spacious and eerie… rockishly chaotic.. Kinetic funk bounces….”

George W. Harris, jazzweekly.com
Dave Summer, birdistheworm.com