Loumi Records

Recording Studio

for a full, detailed and natural sound

Intruments, equipment and rooms deliberately chosen
for getting a warm, full and detailed sound.

Adjustable and removable walls to obtain your preferred room sound.

Having the benefits
from recording with separation,
still with great interplay.

Mics (selection)
AEA r88 mk2
2x Coles 4038
AKG D12e
Sennheiser MD421
Røde K2

Preamps (selection)
2x True P-Solo Ribbon Preamp
Warm Audio WA12
Universal Audio 4-710d

Hardware Effects (selection)
IGS Audio One LA 500
Tegeler Audio Vari Tube Recording Channel
2x DBX 560A Compressor

Avantone MixCube
Ultrasone Proline 2500 Headphones
6x Beyerdynamics DT990
Henriksen JazzAmp 310

Instruments (selection)
Grotrian Steinweg 220, Grand Piano
Barello Drums, handcrafted solid mahagony
Johann Hornsteiner, 3/4 Double Bass (1922)
The Martin Baritone Saxophone

Reasonable Questions

We're happy to collaborate with
AEA Ribbon Mics, Barello Drums and IGS Audio.

Should we record together?