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Pick how many or few services you want Loumi to do
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This is the most flexible deal we can offer, simply pick how many or few services you want to use. You can be an artist that’s already signed to another label that wants to make use of selected services we offer. Or an independent artist that wants to be able to focus more on your music again. We can be a ghost-label if reqeusted, so that only you know that we helped you.
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Loumi takes care of the whole process and makes sure that whatever your desired sound is, gets matched as closely as possible.

We recommend our studio for a full & detailed modern sound but we have a couple of options ready with partner-studios if required.

We have connections with a vast pool of sound-engineers that specialise in everything from ‘as-natural-as-possible’ to ‘indie-pop sound’.

Price: 130€-800€/day or revenue-based

Loumi uses personal and effecttive ways to communicate powerfully through any channel. By doing this we make the thing your music has to say come across even better. Here are some of the ways:

Price: 50€-300€/day or revenue-based

What we mean with style/concept is to use your musical language and make non-musical representations of it. Through the use of visuals, texts, physical products etc. We will create something that that is not a separate thing from the music, it’s a extension of it.

An authentic style is compelling to listeners and it also develops your musical language further by defining it through other art forms. We are happy to help you brainstorm this and have many methods to get you started.

Price: 30€/hour

We look at where you want to be at in a couple years,
and make a plan that’s maximising the chance of making it a reality.

There are many tools that help getting your idea about the future a reality. With something like a knowledge of how much things costs and what you can expect to achieve within a certain time-frame etc, reaching your goal becomes significantly eaiser.

The other aspects we look at are scheduling and timing. With well-planned timing and commitment to the production, better results are achieved and no suprise costs are added.

Price: 30€/hour

Your music will often and sometimes only gets judged by the visuals that come with it. It’s a bit of a sad truth but it’s simply how humans function.

We collaborate with graphic designers, specialized photographers, videographers and photoshop magicians to make sure that your visuals speak your language.

Price: 50€-400€/session or revenue-based

We will make sure that your music is 100% owned by you. As a musician and composer. We will lead you through the proccess to ensure ensure this happens.

Price: 40€/hour or revenue-based

Vinyls, tapes, CDs, books, downloadcards and USB-sticks with vast selection of materials and printing-methods.

It doesn’t matter which solution, we have several succesfully tested solutions for each.

Price: 0,5-5€/unit or revenue-based

Mentoring is obviously included in all services. We want to make it clear that regarding music-related decisions you have the final word. But where an informed and unbiased opinion would be helpful, we’re there. Not only to aviod mistakes but to bring the best out of your production without narrowing down your creative freedom.

Price: 30€/hour

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Tailored Deal

Choose one or several of the services that you want us to do and we make it happen.


Become a part of the Loumi-family.
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