Teis Semey

Guitarist and Composer

To be progressive and cute at the same time needs fine balancing. Believe it or not, “Why B Moody When U Can Shake Your Booty” is a track on this political album. Intense electronic tracks, acoustic ballads, one shower, two funerals. If you like to be thrown to many magical places check out danish guitarist latest album “Throw Stones”

Throw Stones – Teis Semey


“Throw Stones (2020) is my second album, released on Loumi Records.

The title of this album is derived from the proverb “you shouldn’t throw stones when you live in a glasshouse”. In one way, the proverb makes sense; don’t be a hypocrite. But it also represents something darker: don’t step out of line. Maybe we do live in a glass house, and if this is how the glass house is, then we should start throwing stones.

Throw Stones is my most personal album to date. As a search for authenticity, I decided to do all mixing, mastering, production and art work himself for this album. The result is a very personal album that takes place in the moment. Not searching for a past or a future, this album is my homage (and criticism of) the moment. Featuring intimate settings as well as full band blowouts, it’s a vivid and multifaceted album of many proportions.”


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01 Face Full of Dirt
02 Mexico in Purple
03 Winter (revisited)
04 Sicilian Colors
05 Funeral
06 Why B Moody When U Can Shake Your Booty
07 Big Dripper
08 Shower Song
09 Funeral (reprise)
10 Hello Bird!

Teis Semey – Guitar
Fuensanta Méndez – vocals
José Soares – Alto Saxophone
Henry Solomon – Alto Saxophone on track 6
Alistair Payne – Trumpet
Young-Woo Lee – Piano
Giuseppe Campisi – Bass
Guy Salamon – Drums
Sun-Mi Hong – Drums on track 4

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